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Who will create the users in the MRIGS?

Only the admin users for MoRD, SSM and CTSA/ TSA are created by the database administrator. All other users are either automatically generated or are created by the respective administrator of MoRD, SSM and CTSA/ TSA.




How  many  users  can  be created  in  the


The MRIGS allows creation of indefinite number of users under each stakeholder. There is no restriction on number of users.



Can all users under a stakeholder access all the processes?

The MRIGS is role based. Unless a required role is assigned to a user, he/ she cannot access the process group/ procedure.






How do I create users in MRIGS?

First create the profile of the user using “Stakeholder” under “Access  Management”.  Assign  role  using  “User Management” and submit the form. The default password will be “p326@MORD”






How do I change my MRIGS password?

After logging into the MRIGS, click on your name on the top right corner of the screen, you will find the option to change the password. When you log-in for the first time, the MRIGS will ask you to change the password.



Can my password be the same as previous password?

You  cannot  use  the  last  4  passwords  while  changing  the password.







How to retrieve the password, in case I

forget it?

Go to and Click on the tab “login”

Do not use the user id and password, and click on the link

“forgot password”

Enter Login id, a link on the email id associated with the user id will sent to retrieve the password.




How do I (admin) block users, if they leave the organization?

Go to user management: Click on right symbol against the user from the list of the users - Change the status from “active” to “inactive” in the first half of the screen





How can Admin reset password?

Go to user management under access management after login through admin credentials, select the user and submit. The

password will be reset to default password.






How to unlock users?

At times, the user id gets locked due to wrong usage of password multiple times (5 times) in a single day. In that case, admin can unlock the user by using the unlock function under access management.









What is difference between “Unlock users”, Reset Password” and “Forgot Password”?

“Unlock Users” simply unlocks the user and does not change

the password and is acted by the administrator.

“Reset Password” changes the password to default password. May be used when the user has forgotten the password by the administrator

“Forgot Password” is to retrieve the password by the users (not

by the administrator)





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Which log-in id should a PIA use to file a

Project Application?

To file a proposal, the PIA has to use the PIA admin login (PRN login). This is the only function allowed through admin user id as a lot many PIAs are novice and giving the process in user id would have created chaos and huge number of queries.








How does a PIA file a Project Application?

To file a project application, submission of “Organization Profile” is pre-requisite. The organization profile is common to all project application. Project specific parameters are recorded through Project Proposal function under proposal

management process group.





Can a PIA change his organization profile?

Yes. A PIA can change his organization profile any time he desires. Each time the PIA makes changes in the organization profile, a new version of the organization profile is created.






Does changes in the organization profile affect the already submitted proposal?

No. Any change in organization profile does not have retrospective effect. The last submitted version on the date of submission of a project application is freezed with the project application and cannot be edited or changed.





While accessing the Project Proposal Module, the message is popping that NITI Aayog registration is required.

The PIA should go to NGO Darpan portal and register with the NITI Aayog. The registration details are required to be updated in MRIGS through “NITI Aayog Registration” function available under “Tools” process group.

















Can  a  PIA  make  any  changes  in  the submitted Project Application?

No. Once a Project Application has been submitted by the PIA, no changes are possible in the project application which includes the last submitted version of the organization profile. If a PIA is of the opinion that it has missed some information in the organization profile or wrongly mentioned some data or wrongly uploaded some document in the last submitted version of the organization profile, it can always change the data/ document which will create a new version of the organization profile. The new version of the organization profile will not impact previous project applications submitted

by it.



Are  all  parameters  in  the  Organization

Profile mandatory?

No Parameters is mandatory in Organization profile unless the

user PIA declares the parameters as “Yes”.






If a PIA does not fill all parameters in organization profile, what will be impact?

IF a PIA does not fill all parameters, as applicable, it may impact the category and technical score and the parameter will not be available for initial screening which may lead to rejection of the project application during initial screening.




Who determines the project category?

The project category is determined by the MRIGS based on predefined logic.




What is the project category in case of a project proposal submitted as consortium?

In case of consortium, the highest project category among the participating PIAs is considered as the project category for the project proposal.








If a Champion Employer is in consortium and is not the applicant PIA, what will be the project category?

If Champion Employer is not the applicant PIA and project category of the champion employer is higher than the applicant partner, the project category of the applicant partner will be considered as project category. The project can be considered as a project by a champion employer only when the champion employer is an applicant partner.




How   the   project   cost   in   a   project application determined?

The cost of a project in a project application is validated by Project Cost Component with the fund eligibility. Welfare Cost component is over and above the project eligibility.










When is a project considered as submitted?

In case a project application is being applied as “single”, it is considered as submitted once the applicant PIA submits the project application. In case of consortium, the application is considered as submitted when the consortium partner approves the project application. The date of submission will be the date of approval by the consortium member.



Which Financial years are considered for

the project application?

The MRIGS does not allow application filing if financials of

2015-16 is not uploaded and declared “audited”.




Which financial years are considered for calculating average turnover in MRIGS?

For non-NSDC partner applicants, FY 2015-16, 2014-15 and

2013-14 are mandatory and for NSDC partner applicant, FY

2015-16 is mandatory till June 30th, 2017.



Can  a  PIA  submit  an  application  with

technical score less than 10?

No.  at  the  time  of  submission  of  the  project  application,

technical score is validated.




Can  a  PIA  change  the  QA  documents submitted with the project application?

No.  The  PIA  can  provide  additional  document  through

document upload section. Base documents (submitted with the project application) will remain as submitted.



What is the maximum size of the document

that can be uploaded?

30 MB and for Financials and Curriculum and course content,

it has been increased to 60 MB.






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How   many   users    are   required   for

completion of initial screening?

At least 2 operations users are required to complete the two-

staged Initial Screening procedure.



We   are   not   able   to   see   all   project

application in the initial screening module?

Project  applications  for  Additional  target  and  Industrial

internship will not be available for initial screening in the log- in of SSM.



When  an  initial  screening  of  a  project

application is considered as completed?

The  procedure  is  considered  as  completed  when  the  L2

(recommendation of the initial screening) has been submitted by the L2 user.



Can the same user perform on both the

modules    –     initial     screening    and recommendation of initial screening?

No. The user who has performed initial screening will not get

the edit rights in recommendation of initial screening function.



Is there any restriction on L1 and L2 users

for initial screening?

No. There is no restriction on specification of L1 and L2 users.

The only restriction is that the same user id cannot be used for performing on both the modules.



If  L1  in  initial  screening  has  wrongly

process  the  project  application,  how  to correct it?

L2 (recommendation of initial screening) has the rights of

“send back to L1”





If  L2  in  initial  screening  has  wrongly

process  the  project  application,  how  to correct it?

After decision of L2, the initial screening stage is considered

as completed and mail of the decision is sent to the respective PIA. There is no option to revert the decision of L2 in the MRIGS. It can be done only after extraordinary approval of MoRD.



The “Submit” button does not appear at the

bottom of the screen in initial screening.

You have not verified the application fee submitted by the

applicant. Select decision on Payment decision and click on





Some   documents   are   not   visible   as

required under notification 20/2017

The  documents  are  not  visible  because  the  applicant  has

chosen not to upload the document. If the applicant does not declare a parameter as “yes”, documents are not demanded in organization profile.



In  some  cases,  financial  certificate  is

appearing but not the ITR.

The PIA has declared “No” against ITR. It also means that the

PIA has not filed ITR.




If an appraisal response is “Yes” against

any of the special conditions in initial screening, do I need to verify each document with remarks?





Is   remarks   mandatory   for   document


Yes. Whether the document is acceptable or not acceptable.



Can  I submit the Initial screening form

without final remarks?






Why 2 dates are being captured in initial


“Initial screening done on” is a user input and is expected to

be actual date of screening whereas “Initial Screening result entered on” is system date, the date on which the form is being submitted and cannot be changed by the user.




What  decision  criteria  are  available  for

Initial Screening?

For champion employers – Recommended for PAC-EC or Not

recommended for PAC-EC and for non-champion employers - Recommended for QA or Not recommended for QA. L2 gets an addition decision parameter – Send back to L1.



Is     L2      required    to      follow    the

recommendations of L1?

No. L2 can independently decide on the project application.

The decision of L2 is final irrespective of the decision of L1.



What  Additional  roles  does  L2  play  in

initial screening, if any?

Deciding  on  QA  appraisal  fee  wherever  required  (non-

champion  employers)  and  If  other  states’  QA  has  been

considered, no QA Fee will be required to be specified.



Can I see the proposal details of the project


Yes. Link given in the top half of the form.



Can   I   see   the   list   of   other   project

applications filed by the PIA?

Yes. Link given in the top half of the form.



What happens if the project application is

not-recommended   at   Initial   Screening


The project application will appear in PAC-EC agenda as “For










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How do we define the QA fee?

Through  “Project  Appraisal  Fee”  module  under  Proposal

Management Process group.


When can we proceed with the QA?

After submission of “Document Upload” form by the PIA.



What if the QA fee prescribed by the State

is 0?

Still the PIA has to submit through document upload as he/ she

has the privilege of providing additional document.



What  if  the  PIA  does  not  submit  the

document upload form?

The privilege of the PIA will lapse and you can proceed with

the QA based on the base document.



How much time does a PIA get to submit

document upload form?


15 days excluding the date of completion of initial screening?




Can we accept the QA of other states for our state?

Yes. The right is to be exercised during initial screening only.

If Initial screening has been completed without exercising the option, you cannot consider the QA of other states.



What happens if the QA of other state has

been considered?

The project application is sent to PAC-EC agenda and QA

process is by-passed.



Can  an  applicant  submit  fee  other  than


The MRIGS does not validate the fee entered by the PIA. The

fee displayed is only for information to the PIA.






How do we calculate normalized score?

The  scores  are  automatically  displayed  on  selection  of

appraisal parameter. Click on “Calculate Normalized Score” and the normalized score as per notification 20/2017 is calculated.


Can we print the Score Sheet of QA?

Yes. Click on “View and download Score Card”.


Can the errors of L1 be corrected in QA?

Yes. L2 has the discretion of sending back to L1.






  1. Which  document   are   required   to   be uploaded in QA by appraiser?


The distinction has been provided for Appraisal report, Score Card  and  Relevant  Document.  Relevant  document  gives option to describe the name of the document and multiple

document can be uploaded.





2.4. P AC- EC





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How to create PAC-EC Agenda?

Go    to    “PAC-EC    Agenda”   module   under   proposal

management, click on “create PAC/EC agenda”.











Which project applications will appear in

PAC/EC Agenda?

Project Application which have been recommended in Initial

Screening (Champion Employers) and Qualitative Appraisal (non-Champion Employers) and whose PIA Feedback has been submitted by CTSA will appear in first half of the screen for selection.

All not-recommended project applications will be displayed for information of PAC/EC and will mandatorily form part of the agenda?




Some project applications are not available in PAC/EC Agenda?

The reason may be that the QA, or PIA feedback or Initial

Screening (for Champion Employers) has not been submitted in the MRIGS by L2.




Some project applications are not available in PAC/EC Decision L1?

The reason may be that the QA Decision date, or PIA feedback

date or Initial Screening Date (for Champion Employers) is later than the proposed date of PAC/EC.




Will  the  “FYI”  project  application  will appear in next agenda?

No. once a project application has been considered in one

agenda, it will not be available in subsequent agenda except one condition – Deferred.





We forgot to include some of the project applications in the Agenda created.

Create a new agenda with the same date of first agenda and

select the project applications and submit. The new agenda will be termed as supplementary agenda and will appear in PAC/EC decision along with the primary agenda.






PAC/EC  has  decided  on  changing  the

project proposals of the applicant PIAs, either reduction in target/ increase in target/ districts proposed for training/ trades proposed by the applicant etc. How do we modify in the system?

In PAC/EC Decision L1 and approved by L2, select option

“Approved with changes”, the proposal will be opened in edit mode in PIA login and the PIA can modify as per the instructions recorded in PAC/EC Decision L1. After submission by the PIA, the proposal has to be approved again using L1 and L2 of PAC/EC decision.



The  applicant  did  not  align  the  project

proposal when approved with changes?


Resend the proposal with “Approved with changes”.




We have submitted each proposal in L1 but no project application appears in L2.

Probably you have not submitted the L1 form. After taking

decision on each project application, the PAC/EC form is also required to be submitted.



A proposal was supposed to be approved

with changes but was wrongly “approved”

by L1.


L2 can send back the proposal back to L1 for amendment of decision.






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L2  also  wrongly  approved  the  proposal

with wrong decision, how to correct the situation?


L1 and L2 can send back the proposal to PAC/EC Decision L1 through Sanction Order recording module.



A  proposal  was  wrongly  approved  in

Sanction Order Recording, including L2.

The defined process of database reversal approval is to be




Can secondary agenda be generated after

PAC/EC Decision L1/L2 has been taken for any date of proposed PAC/EC Agenda?


No. the agenda is considered as completed.




Can we generate an agenda for a different

date but record the same date of actual PAC/ EC in PAC/ EC Decision L1 module?








How can we download the Agenda?

Click on download on the dashboard and the PDF of the

agenda is displayed which can be downloaded.





How can we download the comprehensive summary of the appraisal of a project proposal?

Open the agenda, click on the download against any of the

proposal, the comprehensive summary of initial screening, QA and PIA feedback with brief summary of the proposal is displayed for presenting before PAC. The same can be saved.



What  should  be  done  after  recording

sanction order?


PPWS is to be filled by the PIA for the sanctioned project.




When can a PIA fill the PPWS?

Once the sanction order has been recorded, PPWS can be filled

by the PIA under Project Management.







What are other steps after PPWS to be completed by SSM?

Go  to  project  management  process  group  and  record  the

procedures in sequence – MoU -> Fund Release -> PCO under Project Management and the project commencement date will be set for the project. Without PPWS, MoU cannot be submitted.








What is required under MoU?

Under MoU, scanned copies of all the documents required to

sign MoU – Sanction order signed by PIA, MoU, Standard Terms & Conditions, any Special Terms and Conditions, any revision of sanction order, any revision of MoU, bank details and document etc.








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Is PPWS required to be approved by SSM?

Yes. After approval, the PPWS is freezed.


When can a PIA submit PER?

After the project has been sanctioned.


Is PER required to be approved by SSM?




Can PER be sent for modification?









Why is meant by Sanctioned Project Set-up and Proposal Conversion?

These  two  are  exceptional  modules  for  taking  onboard  the

projects which were a) received offline and sanctioned offline (sanctioned project set-up) or b) proposals were received online and sanctioned offline without following the online appraisal process.




Can  we  use  these  modules  to  sanction projects?

No. These are exceptional modules and the authority of approval

lies with MoRD. These modules are mutually exclusive to each other and the online appraisal process.




How to sanction projects sanctioned before

March 31st, 2016?

It is two stage procedure. Once recommended by L1 through

“Sanctioned Alignment Recommendations” and approval by L2 through “Sanctioned Alignment Approvals”.




Can  the  sanction  alignment  proposed  by

PIAs be modified?

Using the L1 and L2, the projects aligned to CNN can be sent for

modification with instructions. The projects can be modified by the concerned PIA only.



Is there any time limit for the PIA to resubmit

the projects sent for modification?


Yes. 15 days.




What if the PIA does not align within the

stipulated time frame?

Resend   the   project   for   modification   using   the   procedure

explained above.






When can a PIA start batches?

Before starting batches, the pre-requisites are – DD approval of

the training center, Curriculum design followed by Training Plan creation (activity planner) and registration and selection of candidates.



Can curriculum designed for one project be

used for another project?

Yes. Provided the training duration of each component of the

course (group of trades) is exactly the same.




Is PIA required to design training plan for each project separately?

No. The training plan designed for one project can be imported

for  another  project  provided  the  training  duration  of  each component of the course (group of trades) is exactly the same.



Can an executive of the PIA be assigned

multiple projects?

Yes.  Using  Project  Assignment,  PIA  has  to  indicate  the

assignment of executive to different projects.



How does a PIA indicate internal placement

target provided in the SOP?

“Internal   Placement   Target”   under   “Project   Management”

process group.




What is GP saturation?

As defined in DDU-GKY policy, a PIA is required to suggest the

village  panchayats  where  it intends  mobilize  candidates  in  a block/ district. The GP saturation is also subject to approval SSM.


Can a project be closed?

A project can be closed using “Project Closure” Module.


What is the impact of Project Closure?

No operation can be performed related to the project.





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What is Centre Allocation?

Center  Allocation  means  a  training  centre  infrastructure,

residential facility infrastructure and human resources are clubbed together by operations and are proposed by PIA Ops to Q Team for Due-Diligence.














Why there are separate modules and not one module for Centre creation for a project?

The modules have been segregated to create unique identities

of each component (TC Infrastructure, Residential facility and Human Resources) so that the changes in each component of centre can be considered when a centre is operational. For example, a trainer may be transferred from one centre to another centre which is independent of approval of the training centre, additional trainers may be assigned to the training centre. The training infrastructure may be used for another project (multiple allocation of a training centre/ residential facility).






What is “Edit Allocation”?

This function is available with SSM to send an approved centre

for modification which may be requested by a PIA for changes in Trades or amendments in training centre infrastructure or residential facility(s).









What is meant by Active/ inactive centres in the MRIGS?

The status of the centre may be changed to Active/ Inactive is

simply to indicate that there is no training going on in the centre assisting the SSMs to schedule inspection. The change in status does not affect any operation related to the Training Centre. This is only informative and has no practical impact on data processing.










How is it different from Closed Centre?

If a centre is marked closed, no operation can be performed

related to the training centre like inspection, placement, desk verification   or   physical   placement,   financial   transaction related to the centre etc. A centre closed means closed forever and all the resources are freed to be allocated to any other project or the same project.



Can a PIA update the status of failure of

equipment through MRIGS?


Yes. Through TC-Daily Facility Update.





Can  training  continue  after  closure  of residential facility?

Yes. Residential facility may be closed using “Residential

Facility Close” function and all enrollment will be non- residential as there will be no residential facility attached to the centre.






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When   can   a   PIA   start   registration   of

candidates (recording mobilization)?


After allocation of training centre to a project by OPS Team.



Is    complete    data    is    required    during


No. The registration will be in draft mode. Mandatory fields and

documents will be required for submission of registration form.




What is meant by “Selection of Candidates”?

“Selection of Candidates” is internal check procedure in which

only those candidates appear whose registration form has been submitted.






Can  a  candidate  registered  through  one centre be transferred to another centre if the candidate wishes to enroll in program being run by the other centre?

Yes. If a candidate is not enrolled or has been dropped out can be

transferred to another centre using “Candidate Search and Transfer Request”. A candidate may be retained by a training centre for a period of 90 days from the date of registration. If transfer request is not approved by the transferor PIA, the candidate is automatically transferred after 48 hours (2 days).




I am not able to see the trades (trade codes)

sanctioned under the project?

It may be possibly due to non-approval of the sanction alignment

proposed by you. Any new trade will be available for selection only after approval of sanction alignment by concerned SSM.





I am not able to find training plans for the trades selected during batch creation though I have prepared the training plan?

Check the trade code for which you have prepared the training

plan (especially before CNN alignment) and the trade code that you requested for due-diligence. Important fact is “Trade Code” and not the trade name.







The batch size being displayed is less than the batch size approved by CTSA during due-diligence.

The batch size is calculated as prescribed in SOP (10 sqft for

individual training type or 15 sqft for combined training type) and the batch size will be lowest of the room capacity. E.g., if the capacity of theory room is 35 but for the practical room it is 32 and IT room it is 30 (no split batch is proposed), the batch size will be 30 trainees.




What is “batch split”?

Batch split is basically splitting of a batch into two groups for

conducting training in IT/ Practical lab for better utilization of TC

capacity. This does not give any separate batch code for the split.




When a batch split is determined?

Batch Split has to be indicated during creation of a batch with

defined number of trainees in each split.




Is it mandatory to assign trainers to a batch?

Yes. For domain as well as non-domain trainers. The trainers are

verified during inspection for their training quality.




Can we change the batch start date?

Yes. The change in batch start date is allowed before the start date

of a batch.


Can I delete a batch?

Yes. Provided there is no enrollment made into the batch.


Can we enroll before start date of a batch?





After start date of a batch, how long can I

replace the enrolled candidates?

Till batch freeze date (10 days from the batch start date. Batch

start date is inclusive).




Can I reset the start date of a batch?

Yes. A PIA can only propose for batch reset. The batch reset is

effective only after approval from SSM/ TSA/ CTSA. A complete trail is maintained.






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What   is   Candidate   De-registration   and

Manual drop-out?

Candidate de-registration can be done within batch freeze period

for replacement of trainees and manual drop-out can be done after batch freeze period. Both functions are mutually exclusive.



I am not able to enroll a candidate in a batch

and  the  message  displayed  is  there  is  no vacant seat.

The batch size is determined at the time of batch creation and

enrollment in a batch is not possible beyond the freezed batch size.





I am enrolling candidates in residential facility and it is showing there is no residential facility available.

You may have selected both the genders for enrollment whereas

the residential facility is either for male or female candidates. Select one gender at a time to enroll in a batch and allot the residential facility.





I am enrolling a candidate in a residential facility but it shows no vacant seat is available.

You may have already allotted trainees the residential facility in

previous batches and since the previous batches are not closed, residential facility is not free for fresh allotment. Close previous batches to free space in the residential facility.



Can  I  close  a  residential  facility  while  a

residential training is in progress?






If there is need to close a residential facility

while a residential training is in progress, how do I do it?

Only after transfer of the batches in progress or termination of

batches in progress, which will free the residential facility for closure.



Can I close a training centre while training is


No. only termination is possible which will terminate all batches

in progress.



Who can terminate a training centre or a


Training centre or a batch in progress can be terminated only with

the approval of SSM. PIA Ops can only propose.




Can I close a batch in future date?

No. Batch can be closed as on date or a past date but not prior to

batch start date.




How do I update daily training deliveries?

Using  “Training  Progress  Update”  function  under  Training

Management Process Group.



How can I record the internal assessments

conducted while training is in progress?

Using    “Internal    Assessment”     function    under    Training

Management Process Group.






Can OJT be recorded in the MRIGS?

Yes. OJT Plan can be submitted through “OJT Plan Submission”,

Actual placement in OJT through “OJT Placement” and Certificates through “OJT Certification" function under Training Management Process Group.







How  can  we  record  external  assessment results and certification?

The  participation  of  each  trainee  in  External  assessment  is

recorded through “External Assessment” function. The results are recorded through External Assessment Results and Certification”. Each certificate number and copy is required to be uploaded by the PIA.




How    to    record    the    assessment     of unsuccessful or ineligible trainees?

The certificate issued by the PIA to unsuccessful or ineligible

trainees is recorded through the same module and is determined and segregated by the MRIGS.







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I am not able to find the employer while

recording the appointment of a trainee?

The employer or the work location under the employer has not

been recorded in the MRIGS.




Do I need to create employer or the work location for each candidate employment?

No. An employer or work location recorded by one PIA is

available for all other PIAs. Therefore, search for the employer form the search option before creating a new record.



Are     Employer    records/    Workplace

locations/  Employment  Agency  required to be verified?


Yes. But currently the facility has been waived off due to lack of resources at the end of approving authority.







The candidate has been placed through a placement agency which is providing the salary slips. The organization where the trainee works does not give any salary slip. How to record the placement?

Such placements are called “outsourced placements”. Create

the placement agency under “Employment Agency” under Placement Management. While appointing the candidate (using the Appointment Module), select “on employment agency payroll” and select the employment agency. The employer (where the candidate will work) and the work place is to be selected as done in case of direct employment.






What is monthly continuity?

Monthly  continuity  is  to  record  the  employment  of  the

candidate in each month. The function records not only data of employment in the month but also the documentary evidence of the employment for the month.



I got only one document as evidence of

employment, can I still record the monthly continuity?


Yes. But, you will not be able to verify the candidate as B1 (tracking).



How  do  I  update  the  second  document

when it is received later or correct the data of employment wrongly entered?


Under tracking, you are provided the facility to rectify the records – “CTC Edit”.




The candidate has left the current job and has joined another job.

Use “Separation” function to separate the candidate from the

existing job in the MRIGS and use the appointment function to record new employment.



I   am   not   able   to   submit   the   new

appointment after separation.

Check on the date of joining of the new job. It cannot be less

that the date of separation from previous job.





The candidate has been transferred to a new work location by the employer.

User “Change in Work Location” to record the change in work

location within the same employer. IF the work location has not been recorded earlier, record the work location details under the employer using “Employer Work Location”.




If I do not change the work location, how does it matter as the employer is the same?

During the physical verification of placement, the candidate

will not be available at the work location which has been indicated in MRIGS hence may be considered as unemployed.




I am getting B2 option while tracking the candidate?

The minimum CTC may be less than the prescribed norms or

both  the  documents  as  evidence  of  employment  are  not uploaded in monthly continuity/ CTC edit.



For  how  many  months,  can  I  track  a


Two options are provided. First is within 12 months from the

batch closure month and the other is after 12 months from





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closure of a batch. Thus, a candidate can be tracked till project




I am getting message that UAN is required

while submitting monthly continuity.

If the PF deduction is recorded in salary details, UAN of the

candidate will be mandatory except for the month of joining.






I have entered wrong data in Appointment of a candidate and also recorded the monthly continuity.

Till the time the candidate has been tracked (Verified as B1/

B2), the record can be deleted in reverse order using “Placement Management” under Tools. No approval is required from the regulatory body as the data has not been submitted as B1 or B2.







I wrongly tracked the candidate as B1/ B2. How to correct the record?

By using Tracking Management under Tools, a PIA can make

request to the concerned SSM/ TSA for deletion of the tracking. After approval from the concerned SSM/ TSA, follow the Placement Management to correct the record for the relevant month.











I get mandatory B1 even after 3 months of tracking.

B1 Tracking for Three months out of four consecutive months

is required to consider the candidate as placed under DDU- GKY. However, B1 Tracking is required if a candidate has financial implications and the B1 tracking may be required for first 6 months from the month of first joining of job by the candidate and if the candidate is placed outside the state of domicile, there is financial implication and B1 tracking will be mandatory if monthly continuity has been recorded.





May  I  track  a  candidate  as  B2  after  6 months from the month of job joining?

Yes. Even if monthly continuity has been recorded in the 7th

month and onwards and the candidate fulfils the minimum CTC criteria, B2 option can be exercised. B1 becomes optional.



What is the impact of B2 tracking after 6th

month even if candidate is eligible for B1 tracking?


You may lose on retention incentive that may accrue to you for the candidate.







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The Q Team of a PIA has wrongly reported

center due-diligence, what should I (SSM)


You can send back the due-diligence for modification. PIA

Ops will resubmit the allocation for due-diligence by Q Team and then it will come to SSM for approval.





There is change of trade at an approved centre, how do we incorporate such change of trade?

Send back the centre allocation for modification using “Edit

Allocation” function for incorporating the changes in the centre by PIA Ops, which will be checked by PIA Q Team (due-diligence) and the centre will come for approval of SSM.



When   I   go   try   do   inspection   using

inspection module, I do not find any record for carrying out inspection.

Create Sample is pre-requisite to Inspection. If you have not

generated sample before accessing Inspection, the inspection module will ask for create sample.




I  created  a  sample  but  did  not  initiate inspection. Can I use the sample next day?

A sample can be generated between 8:00 am till 8:00 pm and

has to be used on the same day. The sample will lapse if not used on the same date and has to be generated a fresh next day.




I am not able to generate a new sample for the same centre.

The   previous   inspection   was   initiated   but   not   closed

(submitted). Two parallel samples cannot be generated. Only one sample will be active at a time.



Can I discard a sample after initiating an


No.  as  the  candidate  data  is  displayed  once  inspection  is




IF Q team did not complete inspection, can

SSM initiate inspection?


Yes. Samples are specific to stakeholders.




How do I initiate surprise inspection?

There is no difference in regular or surprise inspection in the

MRIGS. You have to select the type of inspection and the inspection will be marked as regular or surprise.







How do I raise advisories for discrepancies found during inspection?

In each Tab of Inspection, add Advisory tab is given which

gives predefined heads and sub-heads for raising advisories. You can put your specific remarks and if some predefined head/ sub-head is not available, you can select others and raise advisories.



How  do  I  know  the  status  of  previous


In  inspection,  previous  advisory  status  with  details  are

displayed in each section of inspection form.




How to close advisories?

Once an advisory has been issued, it has to be complied by the

PIA Ops and closed by the respective stakeholder who raised the advisory(s) using the Advisory closure module.




What is meant by closure of advisory?

Closure of an advisory means a decision has been taken –

either accepted or rejected.




If I am not satisfied with the compliance of the PIA Ops, what should I do?

If you are not satisfied with the compliance, you can demand

additional  compliance  from  the  PIA  using  the  option  in

Advisory closure module.




If I reject a compliance, what will happen?

The rejected advisories are converted to default for which

default alerts can be issued.




What is Upload Legacy Inspection?

This module has been provided to record inspections already

carried out in past so that inspection counts and advisories are





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recorded.  This  function  should  not  be  used  for  current





How do we carry out desk inspection?

Q Team/ TSA can do desk verification of placements based on

B1 submitted by the PIA Ops. It allows for two months B1 for desk verification by each stakeholder.



How  do   I  generate   sample   for   desk


The MRIGS will generate samples as described in SOP for

each stakeholder.



Can  a  PIA  request  for  deletion  of  B1

verification    submitted    by    it     after completion of desk verification?


No. all tracking and placement data is freezed for the month after desk verification.














What changes in records proposed by a

PIA will require an approval of SSM?

The following change request will require approval of SSM:

1.   Batch Reset Request

2.   Batch management, consisting of a.   Enrollment Request

b.   De-register Request

c.   Drop-out Request d.   Reinstate Request

e.   Change OJT (in Batch creation) Request

3.   Tracking Management

a.   B1/ B2 deletion

4.   Change in Training centre parameters after approval







What changes in records by PIA will not require an approval of SSM?

Manage Human resources – change in Human resources of the

PIA, batch deletion without any enrollment, Trainee Information update, Trainee de-register within batch freeze period, Manual drop-out after batch freeze period will not require any approval from SSM.


Comments (19) -

  • How can we mark the drop out trainees..?
  • how to change or add domain trainer name?
  • What are the placement documents need to upload in the MRIGS/MPR as per the SOP.
  • We will plan the external assessment for our trainees on end day of the classroom training , but how to re command or propose for external assessment of our trainees on end day of the classroom training.
  • I was enroll the 30 candidates in the batch. but not Migrate the batch from MRIGS to MRIGS. The batch is showing in MRIGS "Batch failed". The reason the "candidate id not found". How to resolve the issue and same as continue the batch?
  • please tell me what is batch freezing and how to do?
  • Batch freezing automatically happens in the MRIGS after 10 days of the start date of the batch as per SOP of the DDU-GKY. It does not require any activity by the user.

    After batch freeze date, user can not change candidates from the batch. He/ She can only drop candidates from a batch if the candidate is absent for a longer period and will not be able to make 75% of attendance during training.
  • please explain migration as you have written "MRIGS to MRIGS". Is it MRIGS to MPR?

    You can always log ticket and the Help Desk team will help you understand the issue and resolve.
  • The steps are as below:
    Appointment: Upload offer letter/ joining letter issued to the candidate
    Monthly continuity: After the candidate is appointed and salary has been paid to the candidate for a given month, (a) collect a copy of the Salary Slip, if issued by the employer or get a salary certificate from the employer countersigned by the candidate in the format given in SOP; (b) collect the copy of the bank statement of the candidate reflecting salary transfer.

    Thus, 3 documents are required.

    Cash salary transfers are not allowed in DDUGKY and therefore, ensure that the salary of the candidate is transferred to the bank account of the candidate else he/ she will not be considered as placed for the given month.
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