Outline of the internal assessment and issue of training completion certificate has been detailed in Clause 4.7 of the Annexure IV of the Notification 42/ 2016. The process has defined the frequency of the internal assessment to be conducted and nature of the internal assessment. It also envisages reverification assessment (surprise assessment).

An analysis of the assessment procedure brought forward that there is no uniformity of the assessments being conducted at training centers and there is a defined question paper which is circulated among candidates and among batches. It was also noticed by the monitoring agencies that they are not able to evaluate the quality of the assessment.

The online assessment brings uniformity in assessment across implementing agencies. Develops a question bank which can be used all PIAs. Facilitates surprise assessment on demand of the stakeholders, especially during inspection and reassessment.

The results of each internal assessment can be accumulated to have assessment of performance of each candidate over the training period and issue Training Certificate accordingly.

The performance evaluation will help during inspection and evaluation of quality of training at the training center.

Since the question sets are random and not same for any two trainees, it will bring transparency in assessment and motivate trainers to ensure quality delivery of training.

The performance assessment will also assist in evaluation of trainers in the given domain and will lead to planning out training of trainers (ToT) programs.

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  • Sir/ma'am,

    Please share a youtube  link to describe how we will be able to conduct assessment through mrigs  
  • Respected Sir,
    Please provide me information regarding assessment because I want to work as an assessor of technical (Electrical And Electronics) Domain.
  • You are advised to contact respective Sector Skills Council or Assessment Agency.

    The details of Sector Skill Council can be obtained from

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