Physical verification of candidates considered as placed by sampling is key component of DDU-GKY Scheme and creates a huge bottleneck in release of payments. The results (successful verification) determines the %age candidate placed thereby determining the project achievement. The current process of physical verification is a drain on resources and requires too frequent interaction with the PIA team. Since the sample is generated manually, it is likely to be influenced by the PIA team and thus corrupting the whole process and intent of sample based physical verification. The system based sampling and automated allocation of samples and sequential access of samples for verification using mobile application will reduce human intervention to sample generation and taking decisions on verification results.

Placement Verification Process has four distinct requirements:
1. Defining Internal Placement Target by PIA which can be more than the standard placement target of 70% though it does not change the placement target or the purpose of the project objective.

2. Recording the physical verification already conducted (Legacy verification) and decision taken on verification of placement conducted. Since Legacy data is being recorded (captured), the data is to be recorded in combination of two users (L1 and L2) to avoid a single user capturing ingenuine data or favouring any stakeholder.

3. Enabling the physical verification in real time using mobile application that considers the Legacy data on cumulative basis before arriving at the sample size and universe each time a sample is generated for use.

4. Reverification of candidates not found at the employer’s work location

Major Advantages of Online Control of Sampling and Verification Process

1. Compliance to Sampling Methodology of the SOP (Chapter 7) - the MRIGS replicates the sampling methodology described in the SOP to perfection and allocates the samples to all the concerned stakeholders.

2. Continual Placement Verification - Due to complexity of the placement verification and reporting of candidates considered as placed, the MRIGS enables you to conduct placement verification on periodical basis and does not miss out any candidate who may have been reported late and considered as placed. The Monitoring agencies need not wait for the PIAs request for installment and initiate verification process. The bulk verification has resulted in difficulties in verifying candidates as at times the verification is as late as 12 months after the candidate was considered as placed.

3. Integrity of resources - We do not question the integrity of resources engaged in sampling and assisting/ conducting the physical verification of placements but if there happens to be minutest of possibility, the MRIGS will ensure that it does not happen.

4. Freeing Up Resources - We had observed that the physical verification exercise has been carried out only at the time of request of installment release and it has been time consuming for the resources engaged and those engaged had pointed out that it is difficult to maintain continuity of the placement verification. The process designed is a 4-step process and resources are free to carry out their other assignment.

5. Real Time Verification and Reporting - As the samples are scrambled and encrypted, the details can unfold only in stages through the mobile application. The TSA/ CTSA need not get engaged with the PIA Q Team as it is automated and once verification is submitted, it can be viewed/ downloaded and decision can be taken on the status of placement of the candidate instantly in the MRIGS.

6. Facilitating Instalment Release – Reduced time in physical verification and continual verification will assist in faster release of instalment and thus continuity of training can be maintained by the PIAs.

Placement Verification mobile application can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

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