ROJGAAR - Connecting Employers and Jobs

The current ecosystem faces the crisis of connecting the employers with the trainees, who are acquiring skills in different domains. The training centers are spread across country and managed by numerous implementing agencies. The employers, these implementing agencies connect with, have diverse human resource requirement whereas the implementing agencies are training in specific and limited domains.

Connecting all employers with all the trainees will remove the constraints of limited domain trained candidates available to the employers and will cut across all implementing agencies and geography. This will benefit all the stakeholders and result in higher recruitment and employment rate of trainees of DDU-GKY.

“Rojgaar” brings freedom to the employers to select from the diversified trained candidates and geographically spread to suit their working locations.

Employers can formally post jobs, if they do not wish to search from the batches at training centers. These posts will be accessible to implementing agencies and they can forward the list of candidates for recruitment after counselling of and taking acceptance from trainees. The wheel does not stop here only, even the candidates can apply against these posts (from their exclusive portal – Yuva Sampark), if the implementing agencies forget to apply on their behalf.

Employers can schedule interview and release offer letters online and it will reach to the right implementing agency and right candidate and they can be relieved of their worries of managing communication. All managed within their exclusive portal – Rojgaar.

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  • i want to become a member of ddu allahabad centerson mis role
    plz free to feel contact me

    amit tripathi
  • I want to become a memner of DDU, New Delhi, please free to feel contact me, 8448012410.
  • माननीय,
    मैने आपके बिभाग के नीति निदेशों के बारे में बेवसाइट के माध्यम से जब पढ़ा और समझा तो बडा अपसोस हुआ ।
    योकि सरकार कीइतनी महत्वाकांक्षी योजना चालू होने के बावजूद भी हम लोग के गांव आज भी पिछडे पन का सिकार है,
    आज भी इस तरह की बिकास सील योजनाओं से हम लोग अनभिग्य है गरीबी , भूखमरी का जीवन जी रहें ।
    हमारा निबेदन है कि हमें इह तरह की योजनाओं से भलीभांत अवगत करायें तथा योजना से जोड कर हमें भी बिकास की मुख्य धारा से जोडें ताकि हम लोगों के जीवन में बदलाव हो सके।                                  भवदीय


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    I m domain trainer of FNB
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