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“Yuva Sampark” demolishes the virtual wall that has been created among us. It provides a unique platform where you can access everything without losing sampark with the world. Be it connecting with people you may not know or networking with friends, alumni and employers or searching people of your interest, searching jobs, searching events that interests you and sharing your feelings, emotions, opinion, adventures, moments of your life in words, pictures or videos. Surveys are critical component in taking a country to the right direction and you can always be part of these surveys, voice your opinion and contribute in policy making which affects your well-being.
If the users are in a DDU-GKY training program, he/she can raise his/her concern (voice you concern), share your success story (meri kahani), if you are not comfortable in your job, send request for a job change and if not assisted at all, let the whole world know that you are in need for a job and you can even search yourself. Yuva Sampark connects the trainees directly with all stakeholders in the program and allows them to listen to your fun, frills, progress, growth and pain.
Make Sampark: “Sampark” is the core of life of human being and we establish Sampark every day, some we continue with in our life and some we forget. We are affected adversely when we are not able to establish sampark with right people at right time. Yuva Sampark empowers you to make sampark with people in the domain you want or reach out to people who are not even on the Yuva Sampark with simplicity and ease. We respect each individual’s privacy.

My Job Search: Establish “Samaprk” with the industry and find a right job opportunity for yourself and refer to your friends who may be in need as well. Industry is waiting for you but they are not able to establish sampark with you nor you have a unified platform where you can sampark with them. Come and join Yuva Sampark. Let the industry know about your skill sets, your capabilities and come to you with plenty of offers to assist you prosper and live a comfortable life.

My Voice: The world is willing to listen even your slightest whisper but the platform was missing. Yuva Sampark gives you that platform where even your whispers will reach to the right people. Yuva Sampark demolishes the wall between you and your donors. Whether you are under training or in employment and you are helpless in reaching out people to garner support. Join Yuva Sampark, and you will be overwhelmed by the support that you will get.

Skill Assessment: Want to test your skills or aptitude before you opt for a training program? Decide your own level - basic, medium and professional. While you are into a skills program and you improve your skill sets, you can evaluate yourself without anyone knowing where you falter. Improve upon and evaluate again, evaluate multiple times till you are confident to face the world. Be a proven skilled professional.

My Survey & Events: Suveys are critical in opinion building and evaluating the policies of any government. Why should you be ignored from voicing your views and be part of the process of building of the nation. Participate in the events being organized across the country. Participate in job fairs. You will not miss a single event that will help you progress and prosper in life.

Discover Training Courses: There are host of sectors and numerous trades in these sectors which will send your head spinning. Yuva Sampark eases out your pain allows you to connect and network with those trained in sectors of your interest and assists you arriving at a right decision in selecting a trade in which you can get trained and progress your career.

Discover Training Centers: Skills has been the need of developing countries and lack of skilled resources has been a dampener. Those who desires to advance and grow and contribute in the development of their nation are not aware of training facilities that exist and the skill sets that are available at these training hubs. India has over 50000 centers offering skilling programs in 38 sector and over 3000 trades. Get on board and find the right center which will enable you to earn and support your family.

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