The MRIGS at ZERO cost with Vormetric Data Security and Employer Engagement

It has been our pleasure to serve all prestigious institutions (SRLM/ SSM) for monitoring of DDU-GKY projects in the state through the Skills ERP – MRIGS in compliance to SOP and DDU-GKY Guidelines. We would like to present as below:


We would like inform that the services of the MRIGS will be available at ZERO Cost (no incidental expenses for usage) w.e.f billing cycle of May, 2019 with all value addition services, irrespective of any change in the TSA for the state, i.e., no charges will be levied after current billing cycle.

All the existing terms of services and obligations of Hard Shell Technologies Pvt Ltd will remain unchanged and services will be available uninterrupted.

B. DATA STORAGE AND SECURITY [Compliance to UIDAI guidelines - data storage and security]

The MRIGS stores data in the most secured way as defined in the UIDAI circular, and subsequent circulars by deploying nSheild Connect HSM box which is FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified, for storing Aadhar number and documents related to the candidates in hardware encrypted form (Vormetric Data Security). The data cannot be accessed from outside by anyone in any manner, making it the most secure form of data storage.

The UIDAI circular No 11020/205/2017 – UIDAI (Auth-I) dated 25.07.2017 can be downloaded from and is attached for your ready reference. To quote Clause (a) of the circular

“[All entities are directed to mandatorily store Aadhaar Numbers and any connected Aadhaar data (e.g. eKYC XML containing Aadhaar number and data) on a separate secure database/ vault/ system. This system will be termed as “Aadhaar Data Vault” and will be the only place where Aadhaar number and any connected Aadhaar data will be stored.]”


DDU-GKY is a Placement linked training scheme. If placement targets are not achieved in a project, achievement of training target will lose its meaning as cost of the project will be calculated in proportion to placement target achieved in a project. Under achievement of the placement target will lead to down-sizing of the project targets, foreclosure of the projects and also, may lead to recoveries of the grant released in advance in proportion to the shortfall in achievement of the placement target.

1. The MRIGS is the only Skills ERP which has integrated Employers of Organized Sector with stakeholders. 80 major employers (to name a few, Reliance Jio, OYO, Yoma Business Solutions, Devyani International and more) are already onboard and have posted more than 17500 requirements. We have to hold back job posting by employers due to lack of response from PIAs. Hard Shell has employed a team of professionals with complete infrastructure, who are not only engaging employers but also communicating with PIAs for the job opportunities posted by the employers to connect candidates with employers.

2. The MRIGS is promoting the theme “Har Ghar Rojgaar, Naukari Yuva ke Dwar”. To achieve the objective, Hard Shell has initiated the process of engaging 250 professionals for onboarding of MSMEs and employers of unorganized sectors. The team is being placed in each state and district to ensure onboarding through physical contact and verification through restrictive mobile application. Hard Shell has set an internal target of on-boarding of at least 2 lac MSMEs/ unorganized sectors employers over next two years and creating job openings for 10 lac candidates. This will connect the candidates being trained or already trained and provide placement opportunity near their domicile (proximity search) and help mitigating the issues of migration and poor retentions – major factors in poor achievement of placement targets.

The employment initiative is powered by and candidate connect is powered by

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