The MRIGS Messanger - Connecting and supporting users in Real time

The MRIGS has been innovating ways to get its users connected with each other. The conventional methods of web based help desk (ticketing) and call based support were in place since its inception. What was missed out that the users could not connect with each other while they were working with the MRIGS. Understanding the users' constraints, the MRIGS has introduced messenger service. The service is available only after a user logs into the MRIGS.

How will messenger service will assist its users?

1. All the online users are available for communicating with each other while they are working or processing data or accessing reports for their analysis and performance evaluation.

2. The executives of the PIAs can communicate with the SRLM/ TSA/ CTSA and seek support and solution in real time.

3. The executives of the PIAs can communicate with each other without leaving their work and seek guidance and support from each other. The executives at training centers can seek guidance from their head office. The executives at head office can seek information from executives at training centers.

4. The MRIGS team is creating Messenger Help Desk support team and all users can communicate with the Help Desk and seek solution and seek guidance on functional issues encountered by them while they are working with the MRIGS.

The messenger available for communication among users who are online.

Though messenger service will ease out the difficulties encounters which may be functional or technical, it is always suggested follow ticketing methods for technical issues encountered. The ticketing method helps the technical team to analyse the cause of the issue and provide solution and prevent recurrence.

You are welcome on the MRIGS. Forget reaching out to your phone while working on the MRIGS as you can always communicate with the single window.

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