Rojgaar Sabka Adhikar - Rojgaar Mela

The Central Government is concerned about the employment scenario in the country. The skills training has been happening a very rapid pace across the country and has been sponsored by almost 19 ministries and under aegis of MSDE. PMKVY Scheme and PMKK (managed by NSDC) have the largest contribution. The focus has been on attaining numbers and to some extent on improving quality of the delivery of training. In the process, the methodology adopted has fragmented the structure into uncorrelated units with considerably small restricted coverage of employers by each of the units. 

It has been unfortunate that little focus was on facilitating employment to these trained candidates as a result a huge gap has occurred between candidates trained and those provided employment after training. In some cases the placement percentage is as below as 5% of those trained. Even the placement reported by the implementing partners at times are fabricated. Though it is assumed that the training is industry driven but in practice it is not. The trades for training have often not been aligned to skill sets demanded by the industry employers as a result, some sectors have received greater focus in terms of training.

The training being imparted only meets a part of the skill set that the employers expect from the candidates and there appears clear gap in orientation of the trainees towards the industry and acceptance of the employment opportunities. The trainees are basically targeted for blue color/ grey color jobs meeting the requirement of the lowest strata of the organization hierarchy.

It is often propagated that there are no job opportunities to employ the trained candidates which is not exactly true. The perception is developed because there is lack of proper connecting infrastructure that bridges not only the gaps between the employment seekers and employers but also matching each one’s expectations.

To bridge this gap Hard Shell Technologies has taken unique initiative of active participation in bringing the employers and trainees together and using its IT capabilities to keep them connected round the clock and throughout the year. The physical form of the initiative has been translated in Rojgaar Mela which it organized recently at Nashik (Maharashtra), Patna (Bihar) and Gurugram (Haryana) and support from Employers, SRLMs and the training Partners were emphatic as it turned out to be real employer-trainee interaction rather lunch 'n disburse event. The process does not stop at issuance of offer letters by employers at the venue itself but a follow-up with the employers and trainees to ensure that those offered jobs also joined the jobs.

The platforms that HSTPL uses are Yuva Sampark to enroll trainees and keep them updated on events and facilitate them to network with their friends and alumni, to register employers and the MRIGS to facilitate PIAs and SRLM with the updates of the outcome of the event.

Without facilitation of employment and active participation of the concerned stakeholders, the objective of providing skills training will be defeated.

"Rojgaar Sabka Adhikaar" may be debated for making it a constitutional right of every citizen


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