MRIGS Biometric Attendance - Device Requirement and Solution

The Geo-tagged Online Biometric Attendance System captures all 10 fingers of the candidates and integrates with the batches. As a result, it uses the resources (RAM and Device Storage) of the devise intensively. We have observed that most the devices currently being sued for capturing Attendance of the Candidates have RAM of 1GB or even less with storage of 8 GB or less, resulting in malfunction of the application and crashes in some cases. After complete analysis of the solution and operations, we suggest you to use devices with
1. Minimum 2 GB of RAM (Recommended 3GB of RAM)
2. Minimum Storage of 16GB 
Further, it is recommended that the devices used for Biometric Attendance is not used for any other application or put to multiple use, which uses the resources of the device.
In case you are facing issues with the application, the suggested solution is to clear application cache or data or both (apps under settings). The impact will be
1. If you are using the application in ONLINE MODE, you will be required to enter the credentials once again. The attendance already captured will be displayed after login (synced from live servers) and you can proceed with attendance capturing for rest of the candidates.
2. If you have been using the application in OFFLINE MODE and you have captured attendance for some of the candidates, the attendance is not synced to live servers. In such an event, you will be required to enter the credentials once again as well as capture attendance of all the candidates whose attendance was not captured in online mode.
An upgraded device and caution will help you in smooth operation and usage of Geo-tagged Online Biometric Attendance System of the MRIGS and assist you in complying with the provisions of the DDU-GKY Guidelines and SOP.

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  • How can i generate password for my training centre. TC allocation code: 0217304016224102822

    password generated in the
    MRIGS when TC Allocation is initiated
  • Please tell me biometric attendace registration process. Even after payment 3540 nobody their to guide.

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